What is another word for squabble?

Pronunciation: [skwˈɒbə͡l] (IPA)

"Squabble" is a frequently used word in day-to-day communication, which means a petty quarrel or argument over trivial issues. Some of the synonyms for squabble include bickering, wrangle, altercation, fracas, tiff, spat, and dispute. These words can be used in place of "squabble" depending on the context. For instance, "bickering" refers to a recurring, irritating dispute between people, and "wrangle" denotes a long and contentious quarrel over a significant issue. While "fracas" and "altercation" refer to a physical altercation, "tiff" and "spat" are used to indicate a minor or trifling argument between people. Overall, these synonyms add a variety of expressions to our language and enable us to communicate more effectively.

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What are the opposite words for squabble?

Squabble is a word that means a petty argument or a disagreement. However, there are several antonyms for the word squabble that denote a peaceful discourse or a harmonious relationship. These antonyms include agreement, cooperation, consensus, harmony, understanding, and concord. Instead of engaging in a squabble, individuals can choose to cooperate with one another, strive for a consensus, work together in harmony, or seek a greater understanding of each other's viewpoints. By focusing on these antonyms for squabble, people can create a positive and peaceful environment that fosters productive and collaborative relationships.

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Usage examples for Squabble

Well, somehow, I thought that he and you didn'texactly pull together; that there was an election contest,-a kind of a squabble.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
This affair is only a family squabble.
William McFee
At the specified time a jolly bunch assembled to squabble good-naturedly over the various packages and bundles assigned to them to be carried.
"Entertaining Made Easy"
Emily Rose Burt

Famous quotes with Squabble

  • The eagle has ceased to scream, but the parrots will now begin to chatter. The war of the giants is over and the pigmies will now start to squabble.
    Winston Churchill
  • Exact words were of no consequence. At heart the squabble was as old as humanity itself, fug-headed antiques locking horns with omniscient youth.
    Glen Cook
  • It had been some years since I had lost my Faith, save in my own capacity to survive a world at War, but evidently in the back of my mind there had always been some sense that through God one might find salvation. Now, as I journeyed in quest of the Holy Grail (or something identified as the Holy Grail), I not only questioned the possibility that salvation existed; I questioned whether God’s salvation was worth the earning. Again I began to see the struggle between God and Lucifer as nothing more than a squabble between petty princelings over who should possess power in a tiny, unimportant territory. The fate of the tenants of that territory did not much seem to matter to them; and even the reward of those tenants’ loyalty seemed thin enough to me.
    Michael Moorcock
  • After all there is the two edged sword that will never fail you, with enthusiasm for one of its edges and irony for the other. However mired and weedy be the current of life there will be always joy and loyalty enough left to keep you unwavering in the faith that politics is not as it seems in clouded moments, a mere gabble and squabble of selfish interests, but that it is the State in action. And the State is the name by which we call the great human conspiracy against hunger and cold, against loneliness and ignorance; the State is the foster-mother and warden of the arts, of love, of comradeship, of all that redeems from despair that strange adventure which we call human life.
    Thomas Kettle
  • "You are like the Spanish, Captain Sharpe, confused. Cadiz is filled with politicians and lawyers and the encourage confusion. They argue. Should we be a Republic? Or perhaps a monarchy? Do we want a Cortes? And if so, should it have one chamber or two? Some want a parliament like Britain's. Others insist that Spain is best ruled by God and by a king. They squabble about these like children, but in truth there is only one real argument." "The argument, is whether Spain fights France or not?" "Exactly." "And you, believe Spain should fight against France?" "You know what the French have done to our country? The women raped, the children killed, the churches desecrated? Yes, I believe we should fight."
    Bernard Cornwell

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