What is another word for pompom?

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[ pˈɒmpəm], [ pˈɒmpəm], [ p_ˈɒ_m_p_ə_m]

Pompom is a decorative ball made of fabric or wool, often used to embellish clothing or accessories. There are several synonyms for the word pompom, including tassel, bobble, pom, pompon, and trim. Tassel refers to a hanging ornament made of threads or yarns. Bobble is a small round object used for decoration, while pom or pompon describes a fluffy ball or cluster of strands. Trim refers to any decorative item used to embellish clothing or other items. All these words can be used interchangeably with pompom, depending on the context and purpose of their use.

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How to use "Pompom" in context?

Pompoms are one of the most popular types of decorations in decoration. Their origins date back to 17th century Europe where they were used as part of celebrations or to attract attention. They have been used in many different ways, from being part of hairdos to being stuck in the ground as a decorations. Throughout the years, pompoms have taken on many different forms, from the classic pompom ball to more modern creations made with inflatable rubber or plastic disks. While their popularity may be waning a bit in recent years, they are still a very popular choice for both children and adults.

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