What is another word for fugue?

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Fugue is a musical composition technique that is characterized by the repetition and transformation of a thematic phrase across different voices as a kind of imitation. Synonyms for the word "fugue" include "counterpoint," "canon," "prelude," "motet," "suite," and "sonata." Counterpoint refers to the combination of different musical melodies that are played simultaneously in a harmonic, pleasing way. A canon is a musical form in which voices sing or play the same melody starting at different times. A prelude is a short piece that is meant to introduce a longer work, while a motet is a polyphonic choral piece that is often sung a cappella. A suite and a sonata are specific types of instrumental compositions usually composed of several movements.

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Fugue, which means a complex musical composition, has several antonyms. These include dissonance, cacophony, noise, and chaos. Each of these antonyms highlights the idea of discordance or fragmentation, which is opposite to the harmony and structure inherent in a fugue. Other antonyms for fugue might include randomness, spontaneity, or improvisation. These terms suggest a lack of planning or structure, which is precisely antithetical to the precision and organization of a fugue. Whether one is discussing musical composition or any other type of creative endeavor, recognizing the appropriate antonyms is essential for accurately conveying the intended meaning.

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Usage examples for Fugue

It's a puzzle picture and no more to be deciphered than a Bach fugue.
James Huneker
"If Maeterlinck would feed on Henry James and write a dream fugue on your affected title, this might be the result," muttered Berkeley.
James Huneker
The pianist made no sign, having reached the fugue following the prelude.
James Huneker

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