What is another word for OUTS?

Pronunciation: [ˈa͡ʊts] (IPA)

Outs refer to the number of cards that will help a player improve their hand in card games such as poker. Some synonyms for outs include "cards left in the deck", "draw cards", and "counting cards". Players can calculate their outs to determine the probability of making a winning hand. Knowing the number of outs can help players strategize their moves and make informed decisions during the game. Other related terms to outs include "pot odds", which is the ratio of the total pot size to the bet size, and "implied odds", which is the estimated amount a player can win in future betting rounds.

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What are the opposite words for OUTS?

The word "outs" refers to things or people who are excluded or outside of a certain group or activity. Antonyms for "outs" would be terms such as "insiders", "members", "participants", or "included". These words suggest that the individuals or entities are a part of something and have access to it, rather than being shut out. "Outs" can also imply a lack of success or achievement, so antonyms could include words such as "winners", "champions", or "leaders". These words denote individuals or groups who have achieved success and are recognized for their accomplishments. Overall, antonyms for "outs" emphasize inclusivity and success, rather than exclusion and failure.

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Usage examples for Outs

"You, young fellow," continued the inspector, addressing the chauffeur, "may know something of the ins and OUTS of this place.
"The Sins of Séverac Bablon"
Sax Rohmer
An' one night the doctor he OUTS with the truth.
"Friendship Village"
Zona Gale
Harry sent a midshipman forward to see that the look-OUTS had their eyes open.
"Won from the Waves"
W.H.G. Kingston

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