What is another word for renegade?

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[ ɹˈɛnəɡˌe͡ɪd], [ ɹˈɛnəɡˌe‍ɪd], [ ɹ_ˈɛ_n_ə_ɡ_ˌeɪ_d]

Renegade is a word that refers to a person who has betrayed their group or has gone against the norms of their society. There are several different synonyms for this word, such as rebel, insurgent, dissident, traitor, turncoat, and mutineer. Each of these words indicates a person who has broken away from their group and is acting in opposition to the authority or status quo. These synonyms are often used in politics or social movements to describe individuals or groups who defy the norms and expectations of the majority. Whatever synonym is used, they all describe someone who has chosen to take a different path and challenge the established order.

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    Renegade refers to a person who deserts an organization or rebelliously defies the rules laid down by the society or any governing body. The term can be best described with its synonyms like traitor, rebel, deserter, defector, and turncoat. However, the antonyms of Renegade represents attributes that are admirable, like loyalty, obedience, adherence, and compliance. An individual who exemplifies these characteristics is often referred to as a patriot, a faithful follower, a loyalist, or a conformist. People with such traits are mostly admired and appreciated as they are considered to be excellent team players who bring a sense of unity and discipline to the organization or society.

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    Usage examples for Renegade

    There was a renegade came through here on the twentieth of last July and stole everything I had.
    "Shadow Mountain"
    Dane Coolidge
    "Dinwiddie was no such renegade," he protested.
    "The Tempering"
    Charles Neville Buck
    Call me a renegade from your self-complacent culture.
    "The Tempering"
    Charles Neville Buck

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