What is another word for hastiness?

Pronunciation: [hˈe͡ɪstɪnəs] (IPA)

Hastiness refers to being in a hurry or acting quickly without proper consideration. There are several synonyms that convey similar meanings. Impatience is impatience, lack of patience, or restlessness. Rashness is the tendency to act recklessly without thinking about likely consequences. Precipitation means acting swiftly, with little or no thought. Speediness refers to being fast or quick in one's actions. Briskness is the quality of being lively and quick in movements. Hurry is acting with haste or urgency. Forthrightness is candidness or frankness, which can also convey a sense of immediacy. Lastly, impulsiveness is acting from whim or a sudden impulse, without proper forethought.

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What are the opposite words for hastiness?

When describing haste, the antonym refers to a lack of immediacy, urgency, or rush. The opposite of hastiness includes relaxation, unhurriedness, leisureliness, deliberation, thoughtfulness, or thoroughness. With leisureliness, one takes their time to complete a task, and they prioritize their output's quality. Alternatively, deliberation calls for attentive consideration of all factors of a situation before arriving at a decision. Being thoughtful involves making intentional decisions that take into account the bigger picture. Therefore, the word hastiness is not always suitable when something is rushed. It is essential to note when to take our time and when haste is crucial for optimum results.

Usage examples for Hastiness

Sandy Stewart "napped" stones on the road in his shirt sleeves, wet or fair, summer and winter, till he was persuaded to retire from active duty at eighty-five, and he spent ten years more in regetting his hastiness and criticising his successor.
"Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush"
Ian Maclaren
Then Jessie showed contrition, and humbly, while the tears rose to her eyes, acknowledged her hastiness; and the little quarrel proved to be only a convenient groundwork for new demonstrations of mutual tenderness.
"True and Other Stories"
George Parsons Lathrop
The same hastiness of thought which moved him to a wholesale, indiscriminate condemnation of metaphysics, led him to conclude that because hitherto no happy adjustment of the relations between Church and State had been devised, there could be no remedy save in their total severance.
"The Faith of the Millions (2nd series)"
George Tyrrell

Famous quotes with Hastiness

  • Anyone who truly grasps the fact of limited time curses the patience blesses the hastiness!
    Mehmet Murat ildan

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