What is another word for expedition?

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Synonyms for the word "expedition" refer to a journey, mission, or exploration carried out with a specific purpose in mind. Some of these synonyms include adventure, excursion, trek, campaign, pilgrimage, quest, voyage, and safari. Each of these words carries its own connotation, depending on the type of expedition being undertaken. For instance, adventure suggests a thrilling or risky journey, while pilgrimage refers to a religious or spiritual journey. Campaign and quest indicate a more goal-oriented expedition, while safari tends to be associated with wildlife exploration. Regardless of the word used, expeditions are often undertaken for the purpose of discovery, exploration, or accomplishment.

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An expedition is a long and expensive journey undertaken by a small group of people with the explicit goal of acquiring knowledge or objects of interest. Many expeditions are also camping trips, where participants need to find or build their own shelter, cook their own food, and find places to relieve themselves.

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