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The word hippie originated in the 1960s and is associated with people who demonstrated against war, protested for peace, and advocated for love and freedom. However, there are various synonyms for a hippie that refer to people who embrace a specific lifestyle, beliefs and values, and art forms. Some synonyms include flower child, bohemian, beatnik, free spirit, counterculturist, nonconformist, and hippy-dippy to name a few. While these synonyms may have different meanings, they all share a common theme of advocating for peace, love, and freedom of expression. Despite the distance in time from the original hippie movement, these synonyms continue to be used in popular culture and lexicons.

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    The hippie movement began in the early 1960s as a reaction to the stifling conformity of the 1950s. The term hippie derives from the word "hippopotamus," which was a symbol of freedom and a sign of the counterculture era.

    The Hippie subculture was characterized by a love of nature, a disdain for societal norms, and a reliance on AMDOS experience and Eastern philosophies. Hippies tended to live a life of peace, love, and free expression, and they were often persecuted by society.

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