What is another word for idealize?

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Idealize is a verb that means to glorify or romanticize something or someone by portraying them as perfect or ideal. There are several synonyms for idealize, which includes romanticize, idolize, mythologize, deify, exalt, and glorify. Romanticize refers to making something or someone seem more appealing than it actually is by expressing emotions or thoughts in an idealistic way. Idolize means to admire someone excessively, often to the extent of worshipping them. Mythologize means to create or embellish stories or myths about something or someone. Deify means to consider someone or something as a god or a religious figure. Exalt means to highly praise, honor or elevate someone or something. Finally, glorify means to enhance or celebrate the positive aspects of something or someone.

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    How to use "Idealize" in context?

    Idealize usually implies that we are looking to create an idealized version of someone or something. We might imagine someone or something that we would like to be, or hope to be. We might idealize something we see as positive and feel removed from the reality of that person or thing. We might idealize to the point of disregarding important qualities in someone or something. Idealization is often used as a defense mechanism, to ward off negative feelings.

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