What is another word for venerate?

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Venerate is a verb that is often used to describe the act of holding someone or something in high esteem or showing reverence. There are several synonyms for venerate, including revere, worship, admire, respect, honour, and idolize. These words all convey a sense of admiration and respect for someone or something that is regarded as important or worthy of praise. Some other synonyms to consider might include praise, extol, laud, hallow, and exalt. Each of these words can be used to highlight the value and importance of a person, object, or idea, and they are often employed in religious or spiritual contexts.

Synonyms for Venerate:

How to use "Venerate" in context?

The word "venerate" is likely derived from the Latin "venere", meaning "to belong to Venus", the goddess of love and beauty. To revere means to have a deep admiration or respect for, often as an expression of faith. To venerate is to treat with special respect or reverence.

There are different ways to venerate something. One way is to make a physical gesture of respect, such as bowing your head or standing up when someone is mentioned. Another way is to show esteem by speaking highly of the object of veneration.

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