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Groveling is a humiliating and unappealing behavior that no one would like to be associated with. There are different synonyms for the term grovel, such as crawling, begging, fawning, crawling, kowtowing, and subservient. Other related terms include flattery, sycophancy, bootlicking, toadying, and brown-nosing. The varied synonyms portray different contexts of obsequious behaviors in different situations. None of these words produce a positive connotation, making it best to avoid such actions in any situation. It is always better to project a confident and independent personality rather than groveling for approval or favors.

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How to use "Grovel" in context?

Groveling is a shameful act in which a person begs for forgiveness or mercy. In some cultures, groveling is seen as a form of submission. A person who grovels is often seen as weak, discredited, and submissive.

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