What is another word for crawl?

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Crawling is the act of moving slowly and steadily on hands and knees, much like a baby would when learning to walk. Synonyms for crawl include creeping, slinking, slithering, worming, snaking, and wriggling. Crawling can be done for various reasons, such as to escape danger, to explore, or to retrieve something. Some animals are known for their crawling abilities, such as snakes and caterpillars. Athletes also use crawling exercises for strength and conditioning, such as bear crawls and crab walks. In general, crawling is a useful skill to have, allowing for movement in tight spaces and low-clearance areas.

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    When it comes to a crawl, you're more than just a set of moving limbs. You're an engineer, a tactician, and a survivor. Your body and your movement are essential to success, so you have to be able to count on them in any situation.

    Given the choice between crawling or walking, you'd choose crawling any day of the week. Crawling is the movement of using your hands and knees to move across the ground. While it may not seem like much, it allows you to move quickly, unobtrusively, and without spending too much energy.

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