What is another word for transcript?

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Transcript is a term used to refer to a written or printed copy of something that is spoken or recorded. It is often used in educational institutions to refer to a student's academic record, course grades, and overall performance. In some cases, transcripts may also relate to legal documents and testimonies. Synonyms for transcript include copy, record, report, document, written account, and summary. These words can be used interchangeably to describe written or printed copies of information that are intended to provide accurate and comprehensive information. It is essential to choose precise words that match the context and purpose of a transcript to ensure clarity and effective communication.

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    Transcription usually refers to the letter-for-letter reproduction of speech or audio recorded on a transcription machine. The accuracy and completeness of transcription is a critical component of the legal and transcription markets. The transcription process begins with the recording of audio or video. The audio is captured using a microphone and the video is captured with a video camera. The audio and video is then processed to remove noise and artifacts. The audio and video is then split into individual recordings and each recording is time-stamped. The time stamps are used to identify the location and duration of each segment of audio and video. The audio and video is then organized into transcriptions.

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