What is another word for Deteriorated?

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"Deteriorated" refers to something that has become worse or in an impaired condition. There are several synonyms for this word, including "degraded", "dilapidated", "decayed", "diminished", "degenerative", "declined" and "crumbled". "Degraded" suggests a severe decline in quality or worth, while "dilapidated" and "decayed" refer to a state of disrepair or decay. "Diminished" and "degenerative" imply a gradual decline or impairment, while "declined" suggests a decrease from a previously higher state. "Crumbled" implies physical disintegration or collapse, as if crumbling to pieces. Using these synonyms can help to convey the severity and extent of a situation in a more descriptive and varied manner.

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    Throughout time, whether it be objects or living creatures, there is a natural process that takes place called deterioration. Simply put, deterioration is the gradual loss of vigor, quality, or usefulness of an object or organism. This natural process can be sped up by a range of factors, from exposure to the elements to the use of toxins. In the case of objects, the natural process of deterioration can cause them to break or rust, while the natural process of deterioration can also cause the death of living creatures.

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