What is another word for logy?

Pronunciation: [lˈə͡ʊɡi] (IPA)

"Logy" is a term used to describe a feeling of lethargy or sluggishness. There are a number of synonyms for "logy" that can be used to convey a similar meaning, including "lethargic," "languid," "sluggish," and "drowsy." Other related words might include "tired," "fatigued," "weary," "listless," and "exhausted." Depending on the context in which the word is used, additional synonyms might be appropriate as well. Overall, there are many ways to describe a state of sluggishness or lethargy, and a careful choice of synonym can help to convey the intended meaning more precisely.

What are the opposite words for logy?

The word "logy" refers to sluggishness or laziness, but it also has several antonyms. For instance, the word "energetic" is the opposite of "logy," and it refers to having high levels of enthusiasm, vitality and liveliness. Other antonyms of "logy" include agile, sprightly, lively, active, brisk, and alert, all of which reflect the opposite of the lack of energy or vigor. Additionally, the word "dynamic" also serves as an antonym of "logy," representing speed, movement, and change. Consequently, these antonyms offer a stark contrast to the lethargy, weariness or slowness of "logy.

Usage examples for Logy

Sooner or later it sags and gives, and so becomes logy.
"Camp and Trail"
Stewart Edward White
The canvas is rather a logy, limp son of craft, to my thinking and liable to drown her crew if swamped.
George W. Sears
Mentally, I found myself-well, for lack of a better word to express it-logy.
"One Third Off"
Irvin S. Cobb

Famous quotes with Logy

  • Etymology, n.: Some early etymological scholars come up with derivations that were hard for the public to believe. The term "etymology" was formed from the Latin "etus" ("eaten"), the root "mal" ("bad"), and "logy" ("study of"). It meant "the study of things that are hard to swallow."
    Mike Kellen

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