What is another word for blurry?

Pronunciation: [blˈɜːɹɪ] (IPA)

Blurry is a term used to describe a lack of clarity or focus. It can refer to anything from a photograph to a memory or a thought. However, there are many synonyms for the word "blurry" that can help to bring more specificity and nuance to its meaning. Some alternatives include hazy, fuzzy, indistinct, unclear, cloudy, misty, muddled, and out of focus. Each of these words suggests a slightly different form of blurriness, such as a lack of sharpness or precision or a feeling of confusion or disorientation. By using different synonyms for blurry, writers and speakers can better communicate the meaning they intend and add more depth to their language.

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What are the opposite words for blurry?

The word blurry refers to something that is out of focus or unclear. Its antonyms are sharp, clear, and distinct. When an image is crisp and sharp, it is easy to identify the details and differentiate between different components. For instance, a picture that is sharp allows us to see the colors, shapes, and patterns of the subject matter. Clear refers to something that is transparent or easy to understand. A clear vision means that one has a solid idea of what they want to achieve. Distinct implies a clear delineation between different aspects of something, making it easy to differentiate and understand the elements.

What are the antonyms for Blurry?

Usage examples for Blurry

Among other things she had looked wonderingly into the dim, blurry glass-tank of the "human fish," who was at that moment busy selling photographs of himself.
"The Voice in the Fog"
Harold MacGrath
Chin cupped in hand, Lilly stared out into a back yard that was filled with the tulle of winding mist, the lighted rear windows of the houses opposite blurry, as if seen through tears.
"Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl"
Fannie Hurst
Then, floatingly, not walking, it seemed to Miss Theodosia, the mist of blurry white drew nearer.
"Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings"
Annie Hamilton Donnell

Famous quotes with Blurry

  • Usually, when I’ve met the people who are meant to be in a position of power, I’ve always made sure to give them a damn good soul stare—y’know, look right in their eyes, through the blackness of the pupils and into whatever conscious field exists within. Then lock the eyes on, but let them gently defocus so that the defined parameters of the visual physical go blurry and you can feel the energy behind it, the unseeable energy that isn’t made of photons. Then, if your mind is quiet, you will be informed of the quality of their essence, or at least of the manifest persona that they believe themselves to be.
    Russell Brand

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