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Bushed is a word that can express a feeling of being exhausted, fatigued, or worn out. Some synonyms that convey a similar thought or feeling include: tired, weary, beaten, drained, spent, knackered, fatigued, and pooped. Individuals may use a variety of phrases or words to convey this level of fatigue, such as 'burnt out', 'done in', 'worn down', 'wiped out' or 'run ragged'. These words or phrases don't just refer to physical exhaustion, they can also apply to mental or emotional exhaustion, burnout, or acute stress. Whatever you prefer to use, it is vital to recognize when you need to take a break and recharge to avoid becoming continuously bushed.

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How to use "Bushed" in context?

Bushed is a term typically used to describe someone or something that has been significantly dampened or diminished in value. In agricultural contexts, it is used to describe an area of land that has been flooded, Typically, the land is unusable for agricultural purposes until the water recedes and the soils can be restored. In the context of drugs, "bushed" typically means that a drug has lost its street value, and is no longer available to dealers or consumers.

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