What is another word for dopey?

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Dopey is most commonly associated with the Seven Dwarfs character from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is used to describe someone who appears sluggish, slow, or sleepy. Synonyms for dopey include drowsy, lethargic, sluggish, sluggish, tired, and sleepy-headed. Other similar words include torpid, slow-witted, unresponsive, and languid. If you want to describe someone who lacks energy, motivation, or interest, you might use sluggish, lethargic, or lethargic. And if you want to describe someone who appears to be inattentive or uninterested in their surroundings, you might use unresponsive or apathetic. Using different synonyms can help you to convey slightly different nuances of meaning in your writing and conversations.

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    Dopey is a term used to describe someone who is sluggish or disoriented. A few antonyms for the word "dopey" are energetic, lively, alert, quick, sharp, bright, intelligent, and agile. These words describe individuals who are sharp and have a quick response time. They might also exhibit high energy levels, be alert, and are fast thinkers. These individuals are generally considered to be enthusiastic and engaged. When contrasting with the word dopey, they are attributes that are valued in individuals who are active, alert, and focused. Generally speaking, the antonyms for dopey describe an individual who is sharp, alert, and energetic.

    Usage examples for Dopey

    Say, if I hadn't been havin' a dopey streak I'd a known something was about due.
    "Shorty McCabe"
    Sewell Ford
    We've failed to find the growing ground of this darn Adresol, and, like your father, we've had to content ourselves with a trade in the dried stuff these dopey rascals choose to hand us.
    "The Heart of Unaga"
    Ridgwell Cullum
    Sure-we'll keep him good and dopey with a tranquilizer...
    "The Planet Strappers"
    Raymond Zinke Gallun

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