What is another word for marbles?

Pronunciation: [mˈɑːbə͡lz] (IPA)

Marbles are small, spherical objects that have been enjoyed as a game for generations. There are many synonyms for the word marbles, depending on the language and location. Some of the most commonly used synonyms for marbles in English include "knockers", "glassies", "shooters", and "aggies". In German, marbles are often called "Murmeln", while in French they are known as "billes". Another popular synonym for marbles are "taws", which are made from glass, clay, or stone. Regardless of what they are referred to, marbles continue to provide timeless entertainment for people of all ages.

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The antonyms for the word "marbles" can be categorized into several groups. Firstly, objects that are not round and smooth, like rocks or gravel, can be antonyms of the word "marbles." Secondly, adjectives that describe the opposite qualities of marbles, such as dull, uneven, or rough, can be antonyms too. Finally, emotions like sanity or seriousness can be the antonyms of "marbles," which hints to the classic phrase "losing one's marbles." In general, antonyms of "marbles" can be anything that represents the opposite of its characteristics, ranging from physical objects to abstract concepts, like ideas and emotions.

Usage examples for Marbles

Haave ye aany marbles, dear?
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
I handed out a handful of marbles.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
Then a mischievous looking urchin playing marbles looked up as Dick passed and said mysteriously, I know about your dog, but I shan't tell for nothing.
"Dick Lionheart"
Mary Rowles Jarvis

Famous quotes with Marbles

  • I regard golf as an expensive way of playing marbles.
    Gilbert K. Chesterton
  • The Parthenon without the marbles is like a smile with a tooth missing.
    Neil Kinnock
  • The more the marbles wastes, the more the statue grows.
  • Whether I played marbles, whether I played football or slam anything else, I wanted to excel.
    Robert Mondavi
  • If every year is a marble, how many marbles do you have left? How many sunrises, how many opportunities to rise to the full stature of your being?
    Joy Page

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