What is another word for bespatter?

Pronunciation: [bɪspˈatə] (IPA)

Bespatter is a verb that means to soil or stain with drops of liquid or other substance. Some synonyms for the word bespatter include splatter, spatter, sprinkle, smear, blotch, daub, and besmirch. These words all describe the act of getting something dirty with a liquid or other substance. For example, you might use the word bespatter to describe a car that has been splashed with mud on a rainy day. Alternatively, you might use the word smear to describe a stain on a shirt caused by a spilled drink. No matter which word you choose, you can use it to describe something that has been made dirty by contact with a liquid or other substance.

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What are the hypernyms for Bespatter?

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What are the opposite words for bespatter?

Bespatter refers to the act of splattering or staining something with a liquid or dirt. An antonym for bespatter would be to clean or sanitize. Other antonyms include purify, refine, clarify, and sterilize. These words imply the removal of any dirt or stains from a surface, making it appear clean and shiny. Another antonym for bespatter could be to polish or buff, which means to smooth a surface to a shiny finish. In contrast to bespatter, these antonyms connote a sense of improvement and restoration. By using these words in your writing, you can create a sense of clarity and purity that can have a positive impact on your readers.

What are the antonyms for Bespatter?

Usage examples for Bespatter

And even when they are fallen into that pit they will quarrel at the bottom, and bespatter each other with the mud that is there.
"The Last Hope"
Henry Seton Merriman
Last night about 10.30 the Turks disturbed our peace by firing fifty or sixty shells about our Beach, some being very near our camp, near enough to bespatter our tents and dugouts with lumps of earth.
"The Incomparable 29th and the "River Clyde""
George Davidson
He may bespatter you with ink, he may hit you in the eye, but he writes a magnificent hand.
"Roderick Hudson"
Henry James

Similar words: bespattering, bespattered, bespatteringly

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