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Tarnish is a word that refers to the process of losing the luster or brightness of a metallic surface due to oxidation or corrosion. There are several synonyms for the word tarnish, such as corrode, oxidize, rust, dull, stain, discolor, and weather. All of these words describe the gradual decay of a surface due to exposure to air, moisture, or other elements. The term tarnish can also be used metaphorically to indicate the loss of reputation, trust, or other positive attributes. Other synonyms for tarnish in this sense include discredit, defile, sully, besmirch, and taint.

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How to use "Tarnish" in context?

Tarnish is a thin film that forms on metal when it is exposed to environmental pollutants. Tarnish can cause the metal to lose its luster and can make it more difficult to keep the metal looking shiny.

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