What is another word for engraving?

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Engraving is a term for the art of carving designs, patterns, and texts into a surface using tools such as chisels or gravers. There are several synonyms for this term, depending on the techniques used and the material being engraved. One such synonym is etching, which refers to the process of using acid to carve lines into metal plates. Another synonym is intaglio, which is a printing technique that involves carving designs into a metal plate and then pressing them onto paper. Other terms include incising, scraffito, carving, and cutting. Regardless of the word, engraving remains a timeless and compelling form of artistic expression.

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    Usage examples for Engraving

    He made a number of designs for wood-engraving, title-pages, and ornaments, for the printers of Basel-all of fair merit.
    Beatrice Fortescue
    Such things are among the trifles of art, and are not to be put into the scales at all with the finished perfection of his serious designs for wood engraving.
    Beatrice Fortescue
    These special proofs show all the charm of wood engraving.
    "George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians"
    T. Martin Wood

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