What is another word for Unearthing?

Pronunciation: [ʌnˈɜːθɪŋ] (IPA)

Unearthing is a term that refers to the process of uncovering something hidden, usually from the ground or another concealed place. There are several synonyms for unearthing, including excavating, uncovering, discovering, unburying, and disinterring. Excavating involves digging deep into the ground to uncover artifacts or fossils. Uncovering is a term that refers to exposing something that was previously hidden. Discovering is another synonym that relates to finding something that was previously unknown. Unburying is similar to unearthing but refers specifically to objects that have been buried. Finally, disinterring is a term that is used when unearthing a body or remains. All of these terms are synonyms of unearthing and are commonly used in archaeology and other fields where the uncovering of hidden objects is important.

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Antonyms for the word "unearthing" indicate avoiding, concealing, burying, and hiding; opposites of the process of discovering something that was previously hidden. Some of the antonyms of "unearthing" include covering, disguising, hiding, obscuring, veiling, and withholding. These words denote the act of making sure something stays hidden or concealed, preventing it from being revealed or discovered. For instance, we use the opposite of "unearthing" to describe an action in which something is hidden or covered, like a treasure buried under the ground that hasn't been discovered yet. Therefore, antonyms of "unearthing" refer to different ways of keeping things secret, hidden, or obscured.

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Usage examples for Unearthing

Mr. Pless took possession of this room, and here received all sorts of secret operatives engaged in the task of Unearthing the former Mrs. Pless.
"A Fool and His Money"
George Barr McCutcheon
Back in rest billets he was always pursuing some woman, Unearthing surplus stores of whisky or wine, intent upon dubious pleasures,-a handsome, self-centered debonair animal.
"The Hidden Places"
Bertrand W. Sinclair
I moved towards it, not intending to pry into Mr. Wildred's domestic economies, but still bent on Unearthing an electric bell if I could do so, when my eyes fell upon the partially-covered picture.
"The House by the Lock"
C. N. Williamson

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