What is another word for eulogy?

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Eulogy refers to a speech or written work that praises or expresses admiration for a person, typically given at a funeral or memorial service. There are several synonyms for eulogy, such as tribute, accolade, panegyric, commendation, and laudation. These words also connote admiration and respect for someone, particularly on the occasion of their death. Additionally, other synonyms for eulogy may include encomium, homage, or testimonial. No matter which synonym is used, the aim of a eulogy or related speech is to provide comfort to the family and loved ones of the deceased and to acknowledge the person's valuable contributions and legacy in life.

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How to use "Eulogy" in context?

A eulogy is a speech or writing in memory of someone. It typically consists of an expression of condolences or praise, and may also include a summary of the life of the person being eulogized. Eulogies are usually delivered by a close friend or family member of the decedent, and are common during events such as funeral services and memorials.

Eulogies are not typically given for people who have merely died, but rather for those who have died a natural death or those who have died as a result of a serious illness.

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