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A monopoly is generally referred to as a situation where one entity has exclusive control over a market or industry, giving it the power to suppress competition and dictate prices. However, there are several synonyms for this term, including dominance, hegemony, preeminence, control, supremacy, and influence. These words represent similar ideas and indicate the same level of power or control as the term monopoly. Additionally, depending on the context, some other words, such as dictatorship, autocracy, or tyranny, may also be used as synonyms for monopoly. In the business world, monopoly is often used to describe anti-competitive behavior or practices and can be a cause for concern among economists and policymakers.

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A monopoly is a business or economic situation where a company or individual has a complete control over the supply of a particular good or service. Monopolies are said to be harmful to consumers because they can result in artificially high prices, reduced innovation, and reduced choice. The most famous example of a monopoly is Microsoft Corporation, which has a nearly 90% market share of the PC operating system market.

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