What is another word for syndicate?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪndɪkˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

The word "syndicate" refers to a group of people or organizations that work together for a common purpose or goal. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably. Some of the commonly used synonyms for syndicate include consortium, cartel, alliance, federation, coalition, association, partnership, and league. These words convey a sense of collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork, which are essential for achieving success in many endeavors. Whether you are working on a project, pursuing a business venture, or aiming to accomplish a common objective, knowing synonyms for the word syndicate can help you express your ideas more effectively and precisely.

Synonyms for Syndicate:

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What are the opposite words for syndicate?

Syndicate, a word that is often associated with a group, organization, or partnership, has several antonyms that describe the opposite meanings. Some of the common antonyms for the word syndicate are independence, solitude, individualism, and disunion. Independence refers to the state of being self-reliant and not being influenced by others. Solitude describes the state of being alone or isolated. Individualism emphasizes the importance of individual rights and freedom. Disunion describes a state of separation, discord, or disagreement. These antonyms represent the opposite meanings of syndicate and can be used to articulate a different perspective or point of view.

What are the antonyms for Syndicate?

Usage examples for Syndicate

Then you'll have to write syndicate stuff and that will knock the nonsense out of you.
James Huneker
I am going out for an English syndicate we have in tow.
"With Edge Tools"
Hobart Chatfield-Taylor
"Well, I went to Chicago, as you know," answered Duncan, "to look after an elevator syndicate.
"With Edge Tools"
Hobart Chatfield-Taylor

Famous quotes with Syndicate

  • After I got this job at the syndicate, I started sending them money so they could go on trips and do the things they could never afford to do. All the while, I never knew that my mother was socking money away.
    Lynn Johnston
  • The first syndicating I tried was when two partners and I created a production company in 1952. We wanted to syndicate famous Bible stories and sell them for $25 a show.
    Casey Kasum
  • The first writing I did was short short stories for a newspaper syndicate for which I was paid five dollars a piece on publication.
    Theodore Sturgeon
  • To the biologist the problem of socialism appears largely as a problem of size. The extreme socialists desire to run every nation as a single business concern. I do not suppose that Henry Ford would find much difficulty in running Andorra or Luxembourg on a socialistic basis. He has already more men on his pay-roll than their population. It is conceivable that a syndicate of Fords, if we could find them, would make Belgium Ltd. or Denmark Inc. pay their way. But while nationalization of certain industries is an obvious possibility in the largest of states, I find it no easier to picture a completely socialized British Empire or United States than an elephant turning somersaults or a hippopotamus jumping a hedge.
    J.B.S. Haldane
  • "But I make a profit of three and a quarter cents an egg by selling them for four and a quarter cents an egg to the people in Malta I buy them from for seven cents an egg. Of course, I don't make the profit. The syndicate makes the profit. And everybody has a share."
    Joseph Heller

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