What is another word for retardation?

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The word "retardation" has negative connotations when used to describe someone with developmental disabilities. There are several synonyms that are more appropriate and respectful. One such synonym is "intellectual disability". This term is used to describe individuals who have significant limitations in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior. Another synonym is "cognitive impairment", which can refer to a wide range of conditions that affect a person's ability to think, reason, and learn. "Developmental delay" is also a more respectful way to describe individuals who are not meeting milestones at the expected time. Instead of using the term "retardation", it is important to choose language that is inclusive and respectful.

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    People with retardation are individuals who have deficits in certain areas of cognitive abilities. These deficits may be due to genetic or neurological syndromes, or they may be the result of damage to the brain.

    The most common form of retardation is mental retardation, which is a general term that refers to deficits in all areas of cognitive ability. People with mental retardation are often unable to carry out common tasks such as reading, writing, speaking, and thinking abstractly. They may also have difficulty completing tasks that are simple, such as counting or recognizing common objects.

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