What is another word for more fairy-tale?

Pronunciation: [mˈɔː fˈe͡əɹitˈe͡ɪl] (IPA)

If you're looking for synonyms for the term "more fairy-tale", there are various words that come to mind. One such word is "enchanting", which refers to something that has a magical or bewitching quality. Another word is "whimsical", which conveys a sense of playfulness and fantasy. "Dreamy" is another synonym that can be used to describe a fairy-tale world, suggesting a surreal or otherworldly quality. On a similar note, "fantastical" refers to something that is imaginative, fanciful or unlikely. "Magical" is also a suitable synonym for "more fairy-tale", adding a sense of wonder, mystery, and enchantment to the description.

What are the hypernyms for More fairy-tale?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for more fairy-tale?

The antonyms for the word "more fairy-tale" would convey a sense of reality, truth, and practicality. Words like realistic, genuine, factual, practical, truthful, and probable can be used as antonyms. The meaning of fairy-tale is related to imaginative and fictional stories, while antonyms, on the contrary, express the truthfulness of a situation or event. In our day-to-day life, we must learn and understand the importance of being real and practical, so we can create a world that brings genuine happiness and fulfillment. Thus, the antonyms for the more fairy-tale express the qualities we need to work towards a better and practical world.

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