What is another word for corny?

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The word "corny" can be described as a stale or outdated cultural reference or a cliche. There are many synonyms for this word, including trite, hackneyed, overused, worn-out, banal, stereotype, and predictable. Corny jokes often fit this description, and they can also be referred to as cheesy, silly, or dad jokes. Other synonyms for corny include tacky, hokey, cliched and obvious. Using these synonyms in place of "corny" can help vary your vocabulary and prevent overuse of the same term. Regardless of the synonym you choose, the word "corny" is often associated with a lack of originality and creativity, and it's important to avoid it in professional writing.

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    There are certain words that are considered corny by many people. These words can often be associated with jokes or other activities that are not typically taken seriously. However, despite this, many people consider these words to be humorous.Here are a few examples of words that are often considered corny:antics, gumption, buff, brawn, malapropism, pratfall.

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