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Fascinating is a word that implies a sense of awe and wonder, leaving us captivated and intrigued. However, sometimes we may need alternatives to express a similar meaning. Synonyms for fascinating include captivating, alluring, mesmerizing, enchanting, intriguing, engrossing, absorbing, and spellbinding. Captivating refers to something that catches our attention and holds it for a long time. Alluring is used to describe something that is charming and attractive. Mesmerizing means captivating the attention entirely, making us unaware of the surroundings. Enchanting refers to something that is charming and mysterious in an appealing way. Intriguing means interesting or puzzling and arouses curiosity. Engrossing means taking all of the attention or interest. Spellbinding refers to something that is so fascinating that it seems to cast a spell over us.

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How to use "Fascinating" in context?

Fascinating is a word that is said to describe something or someone that is interesting, unusual, or highly amusing. Webster's Dictionary defines fascinating as "animating or arresting in degree or appeal." The word is said to come from the Latin fascinans, which means "attracting by fascination." Fascinating can be used to describe anything from an interesting subject to a person to an interesting activity. The word can be used descriptively or prescriptively to communicate what someone believes is important or interesting.

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