What is another word for chivalrous?

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Chivalrous is a term that refers to a man's courteous and brave demeanor, particularly towards women. There are many synonyms for chivalrous, including gallant, courteous, honorable, noble, and brave. A man who is chivalrous is often regarded as respectful, considerate, and protective of women. Another word that is often used as a synonym is gentlemanly, which refers to qualities that are traditionally associated with being a gentleman, such as integrity, politeness, and moral uprightness. Additionally, valiant, heroic, and selfless are words that are commonly used to describe chivalrous behavior. These synonyms all embody the ideals of gallantry and being a true gentleman.

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How to use "Chivalrous" in context?

Chivalrous refers to the behaviour of a person who is courteous, gallant, and respectful. It is a term used to describe a gentleman. This behaviour can be seen in everyday situations, such as when a man helps a woman with her bag, or when he opens a door for someone. Chivalry can also be seen in more formal situations, such as when a man offers to buy a woman a drink. Chivalrous behaviour is often seen as a sign of respect and appreciation.

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