What is another word for queerness?

Pronunciation: [kwˈi͡ənəs] (IPA)

Queerness refers to a state of being that defies societal norms related to gender, sexuality and expression. Synonyms for queerness include 'otherness,' 'divergence,' 'nonconformity,' 'unconventionality,' 'difference,' and 'nontraditional.' These words encompass the idea of being unique or different from what is considered 'normal' by societal standards. Queerness can also be related to terms like 'fluidity,' 'variety,' and 'multiplicity,' which suggest the potential for change and the existence of various forms of expression. Ultimately, these synonyms remind us that queerness is not a static or singular construct, but a diverse and multidimensional reality that celebrates individuality and personal freedom.

Synonyms for Queerness:

What are the hypernyms for Queerness?

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What are the opposite words for queerness?

The term "queerness" has become a widely accepted term within the LGBTQ+ community. However, it does have some antonyms that can be used to describe the opposite of its meaning. The antonyms for queerness include heteronormativity, conformity, and traditionalism. Heteronormativity refers to the cultural expectation that heterosexuality is the default, dominant sexual orientation. Conformity relates to the pressure to conform to the traditional societal standards regarding gender roles, sexuality, and sexual norms. Traditionalism indicates a preference for conforming to traditional values and beliefs, which may not recognize or accept LGBTQ+ identities. By considering these antonyms, we can understand the challenges faced by individuals who choose to deviate from the heteronormative and traditional societal norms.

What are the antonyms for Queerness?

Usage examples for Queerness

Wherein this queerness was manifested he found himself unable to decide on subsequent reflection.
"The Orchard of Tears"
Sax Rohmer
"It's in the family," Sally murmured; "when things go awry 'long o' them, they jes' naturally take to queerness.
"A Son of the Hills"
Harriet T. Comstock
After a space Pendleton's attention was rewarded; a faint, far-off rustling came to him; somehow it gave him the impression of hesitation, non-assurance, timidity; he was speculating upon the queerness of this impression when there came a faint, momentary glow from the hall-mysterious, phosphorescent, unreal; and then it vanished.
"Ashton-Kirk, Investigator"
John T. McIntyre

Famous quotes with Queerness

  • The system of compulsory able-bodiedness, which in a sense produces disability, is thoroughly interwoven with the system of compulsory heterosexuality that produces queerness.
    Robert McRuer

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