What is another word for quirk?

Pronunciation: [kwˈɜːk] (IPA)

A quirk is a special or unusual behavior or habit that makes someone or something unique or distinctive. There are several synonyms for quirk, such as eccentricity, oddity, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, anomaly, and irregularity. Eccentricity describes a peculiar or unusual behavior or attitude that deviates from the norm. An oddity is something peculiar or strange, but also interesting or amusing. Idiosyncrasy refers to a personal habit or characteristic that is unique to an individual or group. Peculiarity is a distinctive feature that sets something apart from others. An anomaly is something that deviates from what is expected or normal, while irregularity refers to something that is abnormal or unusual in form or appearance.

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The antonym for the word "quirk" can vary widely depending on the context in which it is used. However, some of the most commonly used antonyms for the word "quirk" include serious, normal, regular, and conventional. Serious denotes a lack of lightheartedness or playfulness, while normal and regular suggest an absence of odd or unusual behavior. Conventional carries a sense of traditional or standard behavior without any deviations. These antonyms emphasize the opposite of quirk, which describes a peculiar or unpredictable behavior or mannerism. With these antonyms, one can establish clear communication and convey their intended meaning to avoid confusion.

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Usage examples for Quirk

But catch a metaphysical quirk, and let vanity and dogmatic assertion stand sponsors and baptize it a truth, and then raptures, extravagance, and bigotry itself are deities!
"Anna St. Ives"
Thomas Holcroft
The womenfolk must have read something in his eyes, or caught something in his tone that pleased them: for the midwife's mouth had a peculiar quirk and the other women all burst out laughing.
"The Emperor of Portugallia"
Selma Lagerlof
It was an illusion, a psychological quirk.
John Holbrook Vance

Famous quotes with Quirk

  • In athletics there's always been a willingness to cheat if it looks like you're not cheating. I think that's just a quirk of human nature.
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Her face was that of a boy gang-leader, smooth with the innocence of one who, by the same quirk as blinds a man to the mystery of whistling or riding a bicycle, has never mastered the art of affection or compassion or properly learned the moral dichotomy.
    Anthony Burgess

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