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Affectation is a term used to describe behavior that is artificial, insincere, or intended to impress others. This word has several synonyms that capture its meaning. One such word is pretense, which refers to behavior that is not genuine and is intended to deceive others. Another synonym is pose, which refers to a manner of behaving or conducting oneself that is affected or artificial. The word gimmick is also a synonym for affectation and refers to a trick or device used to attract attention. Other synonyms for affectation include pretension, unnaturalness, and artificiality. All of these words capture the essence of affectation and convey the same meaning.

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How to use "Affectation" in context?

Affection is the soft, pleasant feeling that arises when we enjoy the company of someone or something. It can be mentioned as a motive (i.e. to attract someone's attention or make them happy), as well as an effect (i.e. making someone feel good).

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