What is another word for caprice?

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Caprice, a sudden and arbitrary notion or desire, can be expressed using a number of synonyms. Whim, impulse, fancy, and quirk are all words that convey the idea of a sudden and unpredictable change in behavior or thought. Another possible synonym is vagary, which emphasizes the erratic and unpredictable nature of caprice. Fickleness, unreliability, and volatility are other words that can be used to describe the tendency to act impulsively or on a whim. Regardless of the synonym used, the implication is always that the individual in question is acting in an impulsive and unpredictable manner, without any clear justification or rationale for their behavior.

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    The noun "caprice" is defined as a sudden, unaccountable act of passion, or one that is not in line with one's normal behavior or disposition. Often, caprices can be frustrating, especially when they arise out of inexplicable sources. Still, they can also be entertaining and even exhilarating, lending a certain unpredictability and intrigue to life.

    In the realm of fashion, a caprice can be anything from a fancy dress change to an entire overhaul of one's costume collection. Obsession with a certain look or style can also lead to a caprice.

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