What is another word for oration?

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Oration refers to a formal and lengthy speech delivered with great skill and eloquence to a public audience. Synonyms for the word oration include discourse, lecture, sermon, address, speech, talk, homily, dissertation, and harangue. While all these words refer to a formal speech given before an audience, they have slightly different connotations. A discourse is a formal speech on a particular subject, whereas a lecture is a formal educational talk. A sermon is typically a religious speech, and an address is a formal speech given on a special occasion. A homily is a religiously oriented speech given by a priest or clergyman, and a dissertation is a formal speech delivered to a professor and academic peers. Finally, a harangue is a lengthy and critical speech given with force and passion.

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How to use "Oration" in context?

Oration has been defined as a formal speech or writing in praise of some entity or ideal. Whether expressed in an eloquent, formal speech or a more informal, personal essay, oration has the ability to inspire and move those who hear or read it. Popular orators throughout history have used their words to uplift and encourage their audiences, while also pointing out the ways in which they can improve their lives.

Many orators today still use their speeches and writing to further their causes or to inspire others. One of the most well-known orators in the world today is former president Barack Obama.

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