What is another word for kneel?

499 synonyms found


[ nˈiːl], [ nˈiːl], [ n_ˈiː_l]

Related words: kneeling in worship, kneeling in prayer, kneeling on grass, daughters kneel before father, daughters kneel before father's grave, daughters kneel before father's headstone

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    Synonyms for Kneel:

    How to use "Kneel" in context?

    Kneeling is a kneeling stance that is used when a person is on one knee. Kneeling is often used in prayer, as a sign of humility, or to show repentance.

    Homophones for Kneel:

    • Neal, Niel, Neil, Neill, Neall, kneale, Neile, neel, Neale.

    Hyponym for Kneel:

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