What is another word for tirade?

Pronunciation: [ta͡ɪɹˈe͡ɪd] (IPA)

Tirade refers to a long, aggressive, and critical speech, often directed at someone or something. Some synonyms for this word include a diatribe, harangue, invective, rant, or fulmination. A diatribe refers to a bitter and abusive speech or writing, whereas a harangue connotes an intense verbal attack, often delivered in public. Invective refers to abusive, insulting, or aggressive language, while a rant implies an emotional outburst, often expressing anger or frustration. The term fulmination denotes a vehement or explosive verbal attack, often condemning or denouncing a person or idea. Each of these synonyms carries a sense of intensity or aggression, making them useful in describing various types of verbal attacks or outbursts.

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What are the opposite words for tirade?

Tirade refers to a long, angry, and critical speech that is often delivered with great force and emotion. Some antonyms or opposite words that can be used to describe tirade are compliments, approval, praise, and appreciation. Instead of delivering a tirade, one can choose to praise the recipient for their good work, show appreciation for their efforts, and give them a positive and constructive feedback. By using these opposite words, communication can become more productive, positive, and effective, without resorting to negative and confrontational means. Choosing the right words and tone can make all the difference in building strong relationships with others.

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Usage examples for Tirade

As soon as the house was quiet and Miss Pinckney's long tirade against "spoilt wicked boys" had ceased, Patience Harrison had crept downstairs again, and, slipping the bolt off the door, had taken up her position there.
"Little Miss Joy"
Emma Marshall
At the close of this tirade, which Herr Morinski has enunciated in very harsh French with a strong Jewish accent, he turns again to Stella and asks, Will you sing me something?
"Erlach Court"
Ossip Schubin
Burnett looked from one to the other with his teeth set, and was about to burst out into an angry tirade; but he met the firm, cold gaze of his father-in-law fixed upon him, and it was irresistible.
"The Master of the Ceremonies"
George Manville Fenn

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