What is another word for fustians?

Pronunciation: [fˈʌst͡ʃənz] (IPA)

Fustians are a type of heavy, twilled cloth with a raised nap or pile. Synonyms for fustians include corduroy, moleskin, velveteen, and jumbo cord. Corduroy is a cotton fabric with parallel cords or ridges giving a ribbed appearance, while moleskin is a type of cotton twill with a soft, velvety surface. Velveteen is a cotton fabric with a short dense pile resembling velvet, while jumbo cord is a corduroy fabric with much thicker cords. These fabrics are popular for clothing such as jackets, trousers, and skirts, as well as upholstery and soft furnishings.

What are the hypernyms for Fustians?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for fustians?

Fustians can be described as pretentious or bombastic language, often used to sound important or intelligent. The antonyms for fustians are straightforwardness, simplicity, and clarity. These words represent direct and honest communication, without the use of excessive language meant to impress or confuse. Conciseness and precision are also antonyms of fustians, representing the ability to convey information in a clear and concise manner. When communicating, it is essential to focus on honest and direct communication. By avoiding fustians and embracing its antonyms, individuals can foster a better understanding of themselves and those around them.

What are the antonyms for Fustians?

Usage examples for Fustians

Now if it had been the threadbare, roomy, easy little fustians, with their precious pocket-loads, that she had demanded!
"The Very Small Person"
Annie Hamilton Donnell
But although the constable kept the king's peace and made garments of all kinds for his livelihood-from the curate's frock down to the ploughboy's fustians-he was addicted for his pleasure and solace to the keeping of bees.
"Tom Brown at Oxford"
Thomas Hughes
fustians shall always be shorn with the long shear, so that it can be worn for at least two years.
"Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed."
S. A. Reilly

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