What is another word for summarize?

Pronunciation: [sˈʌməɹˌa͡ɪz] (IPA)

The word "summarize" refers to the act of condensing a text or narrative into a few words or sentences that convey its main points. There are several synonyms for "summarize" that can be used depending on the context and purpose of the summary. "Abstract" refers to a summary of a scientific or technical paper. "Digest" conveys the idea of a concise and organized presentation of information. "Outline" implies a brief and structured overview of a text or concept. "Condense" suggests the reduction of a lengthy or complex account into a more manageable format. "Sum up" or "recap" are more informal alternatives that emphasize brevity and clarity.

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What are the opposite words for summarize?

The word "summarize" means to provide a brief and concise overview of something, often in the form of a summary or an abstract. However, there are several antonyms for summarize, which convey the opposite meaning. For example, "elaborate" means to provide a detailed explanation or description of something, rather than simplifying it. "Explain" means to clarify or make something clear by providing more context and information about it. "Expand" means to make something bigger or more extensive, rather than condensing it. "Enlarge" means to increase the size or scope of something, rather than reducing it to a summary. And finally, "contextualize" means to place something within a broader context, rather than isolating it as a summary.

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Usage examples for Summarize

Out of such simple observations with the unaided eye there has grown a large and important branch of astronomical science, some parts of which we shall briefly summarize here.
"A Text-Book of Astronomy"
George C. Comstock
Become a Lone Wolf To summarize: Independent farming signifies that which is independent of money, and independence from money is the same as independence from the city.
Nakashima, Tadashi
It is quite unnecessary to summarize here in any detail the course of these general discussions in full Convention, which began on August 21st.
"John Redmond's Last Years"
Stephen Gwynn

Famous quotes with Summarize

  • Writers want to summarize: What does this mean? What did we learn from this? That's a very 19th-century way of thinking about art, because it assumes that it should make our lives better or teach us something.
    Laurie Anderson
  • My obsession with time informs my poetry so completely it is hard for me to summarize it. We want time to pass, for new things to happen to us, we want to hold on to certain moments, we don't want our lives to end.
    John Barton
  • If you want to know how I feel, I'll summarize it in one word - terrible.
    Gary Bettman
  • You compose because you want to somehow summarize in some permanent form your most basic feelings about being alive, to set down... some sort of permanent statement about the way it feels to live now, today.
    Aaron Copland
  • To summarize, the particular song a male sings, and the behavioral responses of females to song and morphological signals, are not genetically inherited in a fixed manner but are determined by learning early in life.
    Peter R. Grant

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