What is another word for disentangle?

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Disentangle is a verb which means to unravel, untangle, or separate something which is complicated or confusing. Some of its synonyms include unsnarl, unscramble, disengage, unclog, extricate, and detach. To unsnarl is to clear up a tangled mess or confusion, while unscramble implies organizing something in a clear and understandable way. Disengage is often used in the context of disconnecting or separating something physically or emotionally, whereas unclog means removing an obstruction or unblocking something. Extricate is a stronger synonym, suggesting a more difficult or complex situation from which one must untangle. Lastly, detach means separating or removing oneself emotionally or physically from a situation or person.

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How to use "Disentangle" in context?

When you're trying to disentangle a knot, the goal is to get the string free from the knot but keeping the ends together. This can be done by pulling in one direction or the other, or twisting the string around the knot.

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