What is another word for peek?

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Peek is a verb that means to take a quick, secretive or furtive look. If you want to use an alternative to peek, there are several synonyms to choose from. One such synonym is glance, which refers to a brief look that is directed towards something. Another word that closely related to peek is glimpse and it suggests a fleeting look or short view. If you want a more casual and spontaneous alternative to peek, then you may consider using the word check. Lastly, if you want to imply that the look was done in a very discreet manner, use the word spy.

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    Antonyms for the word "peek" can be words such as "stare," "gaze," or "observe." These words suggest a more intentional and prolonged action, in contrast to the quick and furtive peek. Other antonyms for "peek" might include "reveal," "disclose," or "unveil," which suggests a more deliberate act of showing or displaying something. Alternatives to "peek" might also include words such as "ignore," "overlook," or "disregard," which signify a lack of attention or interest in something. Overall, the antonyms for "peek" suggest a range of different actions and attitudes, from intentional observation to active avoidance.

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    Usage examples for Peek

    Eferybody vas gone off by dot peek-neek.
    "The Eye of Dread"
    Payne Erskine
    I see 'im over t' Elsmore Saturday, tryin' to peek over the top of his high collar.
    "Stories of the Foot-hills"
    Margaret Collier Graham
    That's the way to live, an' all's well 'at ends well, as we hope she will-this little orphant thrust upon us without no druther of our own, an' a bad beginnin' gen'ally makes a good ending; an' I 'low I'd best take one more peek into the sittin'-room chamber, afore I go to bed myself.
    "The Brass Bound Box"
    Evelyn Raymond

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