What is another word for meddle?

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The word "meddle" is often used to describe the act of interfering in someone else's business. Synonyms for "meddle" include "interfere," "intervene," "obtrude," "intrude," "medicate," and "intromit." Each of these synonyms carries with it a slightly different connotation. "Interfere" and "intervene" suggest that the person is getting involved in a situation to help, while "obtrude" and "intrude" suggest a more negative approach. "Medicate" implies the act of administering medicine, and "intromit" suggests the opening up of communication between two parties. Regardless of which word is used, it is important to be cautious when involving oneself in other people's affairs, as it can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Semantically related words: meddlesome, meddling, meddlesome people, meddlesome in another's affairs

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    When you meddle, you are trying to impose your own opinion or way of doing things on someone else without their permission. Rather than simply listening and allowing someone else to do what they feel is best for them, you often try to control and direct their actions. This can often be frustrating and disruptive. It is important to remember that not all meddling is bad. Sometimes it can be helpful to offer a suggestion or help out, especially when it is clear that the person involved is not able to do something on their own. But always be respectful of the person's independence and understand that they should be allowed to make decisions for themselves.

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