What is another word for scour?

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Scour is the process of cleaning or searching thoroughly. There are a number of synonyms for this word. Examples of these include "scrub," which refers to the process of cleaning a surface using force, "cleanse," which is the act of removing dirt and impurities from an object or substance, "purify," which is the process of making something pure or free of impurities, and "sweep," which can refer to the process of cleaning a surface by removing dirt or debris. Other synonyms include "polish," "rub," "buff," "wash," "scrub down," "rinse," and "dust." These words all refer to different methods of cleaning or searching, but they all share the same basic meaning of thoroughly removing unwanted substances or impurities from a surface or object.

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How to use "Scour" in context?

Scour is the activity of cleaning or removing dirt, dust, or other debris from a surface. Scouring can be done using a variety of materials and techniques, which vary depending on the type of surface being cleaned. Scouring can be done manually or with a machine.

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