What is another word for vainglorious?

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[ ve͡ɪŋɡlˈɔːɹɪəs], [ ve‍ɪŋɡlˈɔːɹɪəs], [ v_eɪ_ŋ_ɡ_l_ˈɔː_ɹ_ɪ__ə_s]

Synonyms for Vainglorious:

How to use "Vainglorious" in context?

Vainglorious is a word that means excessively or unreasonably proud of one's own achievements. Derived from the Latin word vainglory meaning "excessive joy or elation in regard to one's own achievements," vainglorious can describe someone who is excessively self-centered and thinks too highly of themselves. Someone who is vainglorious may boast about their accomplishments or look down on others, seeing themselves as better than everyone else. This type of behavior can be destructive to relationships and can sap someone's morale.

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