What is another word for foregone?

Pronunciation: [fɔːɡˈɒn] (IPA)

Foregone is a word that means "assumed or predicted beforehand." Some synonyms for this word include "predestined," "predetermined," "inevitable," "certain," and "fixed." Other options might include "preordained," "fated," "definite," "established," "anticipated," and "seen." All of these words share the commonality of describing something that has already been determined or set in motion, and that is likely to happen in the future. Whether you're talking about a successful outcome, a negative outcome, or simply a situation that has been predetermined, these synonyms for "foregone" can help you to more accurately convey your meaning.

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What are the opposite words for foregone?

Foregone is an adjective that describes an event or outcome that is considered certain or inevitable. It is often used in legal or business contexts. The antonyms for foregone include uncertain, doubtful, ambiguous, indecisive, and unpredictable. Uncertain refers to an event or outcome that is unknown or not definite. Doubtful means the opposite of foregone, emphasizing that something is not guaranteed to happen. Ambiguous suggests that something is unclear or confusing. Indecisive refers to an outcome that is not decisive or inconclusive. Finally, unpredictable means that the outcome cannot be predicted with certainty. These antonyms help to describe situations where an outcome is not guaranteed, leading to a range of possible consequences.

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Usage examples for Foregone

He hastened away up Venizelos Street, full of vigour and hope, as though it lay upon him to achieve something of the work foregone by those so suddenly finished with life, who were now moving about, a bewildered and somewhat undisciplined little band of incongruous shades, lost and forgotten as the colossal armies of the slain went past.
William McFee
She is not cut after any particular pattern or type of human nature, but has a distinctive individuality, and is full of a freshness and unexpectedness which sets foregone conclusions at defiance.
"George Eliot"
Mathilde Blind
His name was John, of course, and it was a foregone conclusion that he should be a stock-broker.
"The Literary Sense"
E. Nesbit

Famous quotes with Foregone

  • The eternity we enter at death begins with a judgment. God has created us to live forever because, made in his image and likeness, God calls us to share, as far as creatures can, in the life of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This happy ending to our earthly life is not, however, a foregone conclusion. All depends upon our cooperation with God’s plan for us. What we are and do in this life is heavy with eternal consequences. When we emerge from the shadows of this life into the light of God’s presence at death, what we have made of ourselves will measure itself against the truth of God for us.
    Francis Cardinal George
  • Thus far woman has struggled through life with bandaged eyes, accepting the dogma of her weakness and inability to take care of herself not only physically but intellectually. She has held out a trembling hand and received gratefully the proffered aid. She has foregone her right to study, to know the laws and purposes of government to which she is subject. But there is now awakened in her a consciousness that she is defrauded of her legitimate Rights and that she never can fulfill her mission until she is placed in that position to which she feels herself called by the divinity within. Hitherto she has surrendered her person and her individuality to man, but she can no longer do this and not feel that she is outraging her nature and her God.
    Sarah Grimké

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