What is another word for Loping?

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Loping is an action that typically describes a jumping or bounding stride while running. This word is often used to describe the movement of animals, particularly horses. However, there are several synonyms for loping that can help describe this movement in different ways. Some possible synonyms for loping include galloping, cantering, trotting, bounding, leaping, and bounding. Each of these words highlights a different aspect of the rhythmic and powerful motion that loping can convey. Whether you are writing about a horse, a person, or any other creature that moves with a loping stride, using these synonyms can help to add variety and depth to your descriptions.

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  • What is loping?

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    Usage examples for Loping

    Fine time to burn guards-when a fire's Loping up on you!
    "Lonesome Land"
    B. M. Bower
    Neshevna made a Loping dart to the desk-she was like a wolf in her movements-and threw a handkerchief over it.
    James Huneker
    So for a week preceding the day of the contest the countryside was sprinkled with boys panting up the hills, Loping through the woods and trotting doggedly along the frosty road.
    "The Crimson Sweater"
    Ralph Henry Barbour

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