What is another word for rationalizing?

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Rationalizing is a process of justifying or providing an explanation for something in a way that appears logical or sensible. There are several synonyms for this term, including justifying, excusing, explaining away, making excuses, providing a reason, defending, and rationalizing away. Each one of these words represents a different aspect of the rationalization process. For example, justifying could refer to creating an argument to support an idea, while excusing suggests minimizing blame or responsibility. Explaining away is similar, but with an added emphasis on dismissing criticism or negative feedback. Regardless of the word used, the act of rationalizing is often associated with avoiding accountability or refusing to acknowledge uncomfortable truths.

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How to use "Rationalizing" in context?

None of us like to feel like we're being rationalized to, or that our actions or decisions are being put down to a valid reason. But in some cases, it's a necessary tool for making tough choices. Below are four reasons why we might need to rationalize our decisions in order to move forward:

1. We're Trained to Think rationally

Much of our thinking is based on logic and reason, which is essential for making sound decisions. But sometimes our rationality can run out of steam, which is why it can be helpful to consider other factors in making a decision.

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