What is another word for quotidian?

Pronunciation: [kwɒtˈɪdi͡ən] (IPA)

Quotidian refers to the everyday, mundane aspects of life. It can also refer to things that occur on a daily basis. Some synonyms for quotidian include mundane, routine, ordinary, commonplace, and everyday. Other synonyms include regular, customary, habitual, and typical. While they may have slightly different connotations, these words all describe things that are commonplace and occur regularly. They are useful when describing things like work tasks, household chores, or daily routines. They can also be used to describe the things we take for granted and the importance of appreciating the small things in life.

Synonyms for Quotidian:

What are the hypernyms for Quotidian?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for quotidian?

Quotidian is an adjective that pertains to everyday life or something that is mundane. Its antonyms are words that describe something that is out of the ordinary or exceptional. These words include uncommon, extraordinary, rare, singular, and unusual. Where quotidian things are ordinary and everyday, uncommon things are rare and scarce. Extraordinary events are those that are beyond our expectations and are exceptional in nature. Similarly, a singular activity or task is one that stands out from the rest, while unusual things are abnormal and unexpected. By knowing the antonyms of quotidian, we can express ourselves better and convey the exact meaning we intend to communicate.

Usage examples for Quotidian

For our quotidian difficulties his example promises no solution.
"Prophets of Dissent Essays on Maeterlinck, Strindberg, Nietzsche and Tolstoy"
Otto Heller
When you are billeted in a small town in Flanders with no amusements and few amenities-neither theatres, nor sport, nor books-and with little prospect of getting a move on, you can but chronicle the small beer of your quotidian adventures.
"Leaves from a Field Note-Book"
J. H. Morgan
303. He was shaked of a burning quotidian tertian.
"Eighteenth Century Essays on Shakespeare"
D. Nichol Smith

Famous quotes with Quotidian

  • It is understandable but implausible...to insist upon prominent media accounts about law-abiding citizens and quotidian virtue; this is a bit like the airline industry complaining that the press does not write stories about airplanes that land safely.
    Dinesh D'Souza
  • It is not difficult to deceive the first time, for the deceived possesses no antibodies; unvaccinated by suspicion, she overlooks latenesses, accepts absurd excuses, permits the flimsiest patchings to repair great rents in the quotidian.
    John Updike

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