What is another word for biennial?

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The term 'biennial' refers to something that occurs every two years. However, there are some other words that can be used synonymously with biennial. The word 'biennially' is an adverb that is used specifically to describe something that occurs every two years. 'Biyearly' is another term that can be used in place of biennial. This word also means something that occurs once every two years. 'Fortnightly' is a term that is used to describe something that occurs every two weeks, but it is also commonly used as a synonym for biennial, especially in British English. The word 'biannual' is also sometimes used instead of biennial, but it can also refer to something that occurs twice a year.

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How to use "Biennial" in context?

Articles on biennial exhibitions often focus on the themes and/or theories espoused by the individual exhibitions, rather than providing an overview of the history and conventions of biennials. While there are many different types of biennials, this entry will provide a general overview of the two most popular types of exhibition - international biennials and national biennials.

International biennials are events that take place every two years, with a particular focus on new or experimental art.

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